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I've been a writer and modelbuilder since 1967 and can't figure out how to separate the two.  Someone asked me one time "If you could spend all your time either writing or building models, which would you prefer?"  The question is unanswerable because the combination defines what I am.  It's what I was born to do and, as such, I consider it my calling.  I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my author wife, Nelda, my Dudley Yellow Labrador Retriever, Magnum, and more model kits than I'll ever be able to build.

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Nelda Moore Marmo



Born in Tahoka, Texas, she spent her formative years in  Artesia, New Mexico, returning to Texas during the 1960s.  A very loving, talented and beautiful Christian lady in her own right, she lives in Fort Worth with her husband, Richard, his dog Magnum, and wonders how she manages to put up with either one of them while they try to drive her crazy...not intentionally, of course...but sometimes those two just can't help it.

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Magnum Marmo



Abandoned early, Magnum survived his first year of life on the back roads of Texas.  People who seemed to want him...but didn't...came and went.  Finally he wound up in a pound with no future beyond a needle and the darkness of death until he was rescued by a man. His autobiography describes how he finds love, companionship, adventure and a place to belong in the great State of Texas.

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